New trip log; summer trips update!


Long time no type, but I’ve finally thrown up another trip log, an 11 day through Little Otterslide, Burntroot, Cedar, North River, Allan, Francis, Lavieille and Opeongo Lakes. It was a fun trip for sure, and definetly had moments that I will remember for a lifetime. I hope you all find the time to read it ūüôā

On another note, my summer tripping schedule is slowly falling into place, my family has booked a 5 day trip and in a weeks time I will be off on that adventure. 2 days following my arrival home from that trip, I will be shuttled off to a 25 day Missinabi River trip. A weeks time after my return from the Missinabi, I will be off on a backpacking trip with my friend Brennan. So that makes 40 days of tripping right there, in 54 days time!

Hopefully I can talk my parents into my first ever solo trip, and maybe throw in a fall trip with the family!






May 24 Weekend

My, what a weekend, and what beautiful weather! Unfortunately, I only got into Algonquin for a day trip over the weekend but hopefully all of you guys got a bigger taste than I did! My parents and I ventured into Tim Lake for a quick lunch and a swim. I paddled my Scott Elite 16 for the first time since my father & I put it through her makeover- pretty good paddle I must say! Hope you are all planning your summer trips and getting as excited as I am!



Gearing up for the summer tripping season!

Unfortunately, due to the rigorous demands of being a competitive swimmer swimming 9 times a week, I have completely missed out on the opportunity to enjoy this years early ice out. It even appears that for this season I will be completely shafted of a spring trip! As depressing as this is, I still have 35-40 nights of backcountry tripping to look forward to between now and November. This list includes:

4 or 5 days of a family summer trip (trip route yet to be decided)

25 days on a Missinabi whitewater canoeing trip

5 day backpacking on the Highland Backpacking Trail

and a tentative fall trip.

So, all though I am short a spring trip for the first time since 2007, I will still have¬†plenty¬†of time to enjoy the backcountry in the summer months. Although, I won’t give up hope on my parents giving in to a 1 or 2 nighter over Victoria Day Weekend!


Hope have all been into the wilderness by now with this beautiful spring!



Ice Out!

Hello Everyone!

Finally, Ice out in Algonquin has arrived! I know I shouldn’t say finally because this is yet another record setting ice out but it still seems like so long since I last dipped a paddle into the water! I hope everyone can enjoy early tripping this year in the Park as I will! I will be trying ‘tarp camping’ on my first trip, should be fun! For a full list of ice free lakes visit:



Friends of Algonquin predict early ice out for 2012!

Hello all,

Has cabin fever bitten you as hard as it was bitten me? If so you will be extremely happy to know that due to the unseasonably high temperatures in Algonquin Provincial Park over the last several days the Friends of Algonquin are predicting an early or even record setting year for the ice out! You can read up on their opinion here:

as well as follow Algonquin Outfitters ice-out blog here:

and there is still time to submit your predictions to Jeff for Canoe Lake’s ice out by emailing him at ūüôā

Have fun!



Ice Out 2012 Blog is up!

Jeff is back on his website and ready for all of your ice out predictions! You can contact him by email at !





Yurting Video up!

I have posted a video on my Youtube channel of some of the footage from our Yurting excursion from Dec.28th -January 1st. You can view it on my Youtube channel here: or by direct link here: . Be sure to subscribe!



Back from the North for a Pit stop!

Hello all!

I have just returned from a quick get-together up north with my family, just south of Algonquin Provincial Park. There is 5-10cm of snow and 4 inches of inches of ice where I was! To my suprise, when we went to check on our families summer cabin (it is non-winterized with no power) about 50km south, the ice was a full inch thicker! Either way, it won’t be too long till its walkable! I am departing again for a yurting trip with a friend on the 28th! Oh, the christmas break is a wonderful time of year!

Merry Christmas!


MEC Spirit Velo 25 Daypack Review is up!

Hello All!

The gear reviews continue! I have completed a review of a day pack I got about a month and a half ago, the MEC Spirit Velo 25, you can view the review by scrolling over the Gear Reviews tab or clicking the direct link here : . I hope you enjoy the review and find it helpful!


New Gear Review : Tarptent Cloudburst 2!

Hello All!

I have posted a new gear review on the Tarptent Cloudburst 2, a tent I was able to try in multiple situations this summer. You can see the review under the Gear Reviews section or under direct link here : . I hope you enjoy my review of the tent, and if you have any further questions, feel free to ask!